Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat Review

Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat

With a more classical design, the Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat harks back to a simpler time, where large sofas were not needed. Christopher Knight has always been an industry leader in the sofa department, and they seem to continue this dominance in their new loveseat offering too.

Key Points

  • Chesterfield style – Chesterfield isn’t a name, it’s a way of life. It’s what separates the amateurs from the innovators, the old money from the new, the men from the boys.
  • Deep button tufting – Featuring deep button tufting, this Loveseat offers both design and comfort. The tufting allows for breathing space while you relax, limiting the amount of heat that is generated.
  • Scrolled arms – With a gorgeous armrest, you can put your feet (and your arms!) up at the end of the day and not have a care in the world.
  • Accented with nails – The front of the sofa is lined with nails that are tipped with metal, giving them a bit of weight so you know they’re real.



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Tufted back

The old-fashioned theme only applies to the look and feel of the loveseat; the materials are cutting edge and modern. Made with a fusion of fabric and polyester, the cushions remain firm yet supple, always suiting your desires. Not only that, but the cushions are also made for everyone, meaning both sitters can unwind in their own way, whilst still enjoying their time together. Furthermore, the cushions are plumped individually, so only the highest quality of finish is applied to your sofa.

The Loveseat has tasteful nail head accents on the front end of the scrolled arms to draw the eye in and complement the deep button tufting. Each nail head is individually applied for a beautiful, handcrafted touch. And this is real metal too, none of the plastic you see on sub-standard ripoffs.

Overall, the vibe they’ve gone for is clear. This loveseat is no pushover, it commands your attention whenever you’re in its proximity. It’s almost as if you rediscover the loveseat every time you set eyes upon it. Christopher Knight bought royal materials and finishings to the masses, and they’ve succeeded brilliantly.


  • 61.75 x 33.75 x 27.75 inches

Don’t be alarmed by the smaller than usual size, bear in mind that this is a loveseat, not a sofa! Of course, this product was designed for a maximum of two, but the dimensions indicate a space for a third to squeeze in. We recommend you stick to two people though, to ensure you get the best experience with this loveseat.

Color choices

It’s common knowledge that you can’t go wrong with blue. And the Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat is proof of this. The deep, rich blue is reminiscent of the blue of the English monarchy, with the silver nail heads finishing off the look, giving your loveseat a calm, collected look. 

Personal Opinion

With an upper-class name like ‘Chesterfield’, there’s a lot of pressure on this product to perform. It’s my pleasure to report the loveseat has risen to the challenge with flying colors. This color scheme is perfect as it is, the upholstery supports you wonderfully and the cushions are of supremely high quality. In general, there is an air of importance about the Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat, and this feeling is just what you need after a long day at work. It feels like a throne.

It’s not just us too, almost everyone adores this loveseat. An average of 4 stars across almost 300 reviews sets it out from the rest. But the crowning jewel is that this Loveseat is deemed to be “Amazon’s Choice”. For those who don’t know, this label is only given to the finest of products on sale at Amazon. When you see the dark blue tag on the website, rest assured the product will be worth every cent!

Where to Buy

A royal product deserves a royal marketplace. That’s why Amazon is the perfect place to purchase this loveseat. Should you not like this magnificent sofa, you can use Amazon’s easy returns feature. Of course, if you have any queries, the Amazon staff are more than happy to help, just give them a call. By using the link below, this site receives a small commission, at no extra cost to yourself.

Christopher Knight Chesterfield Loveseat


The Christopher Knight Chesterfield loveseat perfectly fills a room, despite its miniature size. It captures attention, and allows you to unwind in peace. After just a few days of this, you’ll never want to go back. With the Amazon’s Choice tag ensuring it leaves its competitors behind, and a classy design, there’s no other option that has the reliability and elegance possessed by this loveseat.

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