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Too often in this fast-moving world of ours do we forget to notice the finer things in life. Think to yourself, when was the last time you sat outside and appreciated the beauty of Mother Nature? I can bet you, it was a long time ago. That is exactly what Devoko has set out to fix with their outdoor sofa – the Devoko 5 Pieces Patio Patio Set (Devoko Patio Set for short). Let’s see how this outdoor sofa can help you regain some control, and truly admire the great outdoors.

Key Points

  • Built for the outside – You’ll never want to sit inside ever again. Everything about this outdoor sofa screams “fresh air”. Between the low backs to the sizable footprint (designed to take full advantage of the outdoor space you offer), it makes you yearn to hear the chirping of birds and feel the crispness of the evening air.
  • 1 Bestseller on Amazon – That’s right, the Devoko Patio Set is a chart-topper, literally. No doubt hundreds of thousands of families have had their lives changed with this relatively simple addition. If this accolade doesn’t make this couch an immediate yes, I don’t know what will.
  • Fresh and Forward-Looking – The outdoors are best enjoyed with the latest technologies and innovations. This is why Devoko has used the very best and high-tech materials, as well as a modern design that is bound to impress friends and family.


The outside frame you will see (the black) is made with a material called ‘Rattan’. Rattan is famed for its longevity. It is common to see furniture made from rattan over 50 years ago still in active use today. If correctly cared for, these same pieces of furniture will last another 50 years! Rattan is also temperature resistant, so you can use it in the sun and even the snow should that take your fancy. With a quick lick of lacquer, the Rattan becomes waterproof too, taking its durability to the next level. Come rain or shine, the Devoko Patio Set will be there for you. The cushions are also waterproof; you have nothing to worry about. The frame itself is made of alloy steel, for that extra guarantee of quality. It can handle the force that is Nature, it can certainly handle some cheeky children!

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Patio Set is all function and no comfort. The specially thickened cushions are great for throwing yourself on. They adapt to your shape, providing a sitting experience that is best for YOU.


Your standard black or blue just won’t cut it here. You need some vibrancy, some pizazz, or you risk looking out of place. That’s why this outdoor sofa comes with so many unorthodox colors.

  • Beige – Light, playful, and full of energy. The contrast the cushions have compared to the rattan is beautiful. It is timeless, and that is why we recommend this color first and foremost.
  • Blue – Suitable for younger children, why not provide your kids with a play area with this spin on sky blue. The lightness of the blue goes brilliantly with some darker pillows. Embrace your fun-loving side and opt for this gorgeous shade.
  • Red – Do we even need to explain this one? The color of the perfect sunset, this particular hue adds a new element of fun to your day. It is great for hosting some parties, gathering with friends to share a beer whilst the kids are all asleep.


83 x 58 x 25 inches

This outdoor sofa seems big, and it is. It is built in such a way that all of the available space is maximized, so you can focus on the most important thing, the beauty of the world around us. However its large size doesn’t mean it is excessively bulky or immovable, it only weighs in at 114lbs. As it is 5 separate pieces, it should be incredibly easy to move.

Personal Opinion

Everyone is always working these days, especially in this era of remote work. After staying cooped up all day, it is important to spend some time outside getting some much-needed Vitamin D. This is why the Devoko Patio Set is essential, it promotes a healthier lifestyle. There are untold benefits to getting some exercise and some clean air. And, it is summer right now. We all want to enjoy the sun, maybe even get a tan.

The fact that this entire outdoor sofa is modular and can be arranged in whatever way you see fit certainly distinguishes it from the competition. There are endless ways to configure your couch, depending on the need. From a circle to the classic L shape, each new arrangement is amazing at what it does, which is bring together a group of people.

Boasting ridiculously comfortable back cushions, this couch is sure to never make you want to get up. You can cuddle up or sit solo; the Patio Set has you covered. Everyone loves this outdoor sofa, and the #1 bestseller tag proves it.

Where to buy?

There is only one marketplace for the modern buyer such as yourself, and that is Amazon. Take advantage of a secure infrastructure system to elevate your buying experience. Should there be any queries, consult the customer service team. By using the link below, the site receives a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

Devoko Outdoor Sofa - Patio Set 2


So there we have it, the Devoko 5 Pieces Patio Conversation Set. if you’ve been feeling a little caged indoors, this outdoor sofa is perfect for you. If you have some space in your garden that you are unsure what to do with, the Devoko Conversation Set has you covered. This sofa isn’t just a sofa, it is freedom from the world of work. Change your life, and change it now.

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