Divano Roma Sofa Review

divano roma sofa

If you are looking for a relatively cost-effective, yet stylish sofa, then the Divano Roma Sofa is the way to go. Its ultra-comfortable chesterfield style is a subtle yet effective way of impressing guests without breaking the bank. Its sleek, alluring design simply begs to be displayed in your living room and shown off to all that pass it. The natural-looking tones of grey do not look out of place within any room, and the sofa can comfortably adapt itself to its surroundings. A true showpiece of upholstery, the sofa will comfortably fit most people that use it, so is practical as well as beautiful. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Key Points

  • Firstly, the Divano Roma sofa has a diamond tufted design to add to the beautiful chesterfield look, giving it a classic, yet sophisticated look, producing an air of royalty with its majestic presence.
  • Another feature that gives this sofa the edge is its removable seat cushions with Velcro attached. This avoids them sliding, meaning you no longer have to sort them out every time they are sat on, allowing them to be constantly primed and visitor-ready. This also means that the sofa can be cleaned with ease, and the cushions fit snugly back into the sofa without ruining the perfect image.
  • The polished, Victorian-style legs add some contrast to the cool neutrals of the sofa, pretty much producing an art piece within your home, adding a touch of class along the way. Position this sofa wherever you want, and it will still turn heads with its distinguished layout.
  • The sofa contains premium, high-quality linen, and fabric upholstery with overstuffed arms to produce a structured, yet supple sofa. The backrests are made for comfort, and the tufted plush armrests allow for easy resting and relaxation after a long day at work.
  • This is a KD (knock-down) item, therefore assembly is required. However, instructions and hardware are included, and customers have previously said that it is easy to assemble, so there should be no problem there! The dimensions are usual of a sofa like this, so it is not too large or too small to fit in your residence, making it an ideal size.



The Divano Roma sofa is made from fabric, which allows for a more inviting and homely feel, while being impressive at the same time. They are equally as comfortable in the summertime as winter, so there is no need to change up your seasonal styles with this sofa! They have removable and washable covers, so you can keep your sofa clean and pristine for many years to come, which is especially helpful for families with messy toddlers. Because the sofa is made from fabric, it allows for a much cheaper price than other sofas, such as leather ones, without taking away from the enchanting look.


31.5″ x 86″ x 30″ (LxWxH) overall
A seat depth of 23″
A seat height of 17″
Seat dimensions of 66″ x 23″
Backrest dimensions of 66″ x 13″

Overall, a very decently sized sofa, not too large or too small. A perfect fit for most households.

Color choices

Dark grey: A classic choice for most people, leaning closer to black, which can create a definite presence within the room. If you wish for an imposing yet comfy sofa, then this is the color for you.
Light grey: Very similar to the first, but with a touch of light. Can be used for rooms with a lot of sunlight to amplify the effect of illumination, and create an overall joyous, yet stylish feel.

Personal Opinion

After reading customer reviews, there certainly seem to be some issues with the comfort of the sofa. However, the sofa is mainly meant to be showcased and, in my opinion, any comfort issues are from critical reviewers. This is as comfortable as a normal sofa, and if you want a sofa that can be thrown around and can handle a lot of stress, then I’m afraid the Divano Roma Sofa is not for you. However, if you like elegant, chic styles of sofa, then this sofa is an absolute must. With the price as low as it is, it would be a huge waste of an opportunity not to get it, as it’s an absolute steal. The design is just too charming to ignore, and you will most definitely get compliments for it. Of course, it still acts as a functioning sofa, so you can still use it to unwind, like a monarch on their throne.

The added stuffing on the armrests allows for sitting in any position, and the versatility of this sofa permits you to place it anywhere you wish, changing the composition of your chosen area. This can be used to great effect, so make sure to take advantage of this as fully as you can. You don’t have to be an artist to know where to place this sofa. Frankly, placing it anywhere you wish is still an option. The color combinations can also affect the way your room looks, so choose wisely. However, once everything has been sorted, you can sit back and let the sofa do all the talking for you. So remember, get it or you’ll regret it!

Where to buy?

You can buy the Divano Roma sofa on many sites. However, the sofa can also be bought on Amazon, one of the most trusted sources to get one, using the link below. Not only does one get excellent customer service, but Amazon Prime Delivery allows for a quick journey from the manufacturer to your living room.

Divano Roma Sofa Review 1
Divano Roma Sofa in Light Grey

This sofa is also available at:


In conclusion, the Divano Roma Sofa is a bargain for people looking in the right places. Many people seem to want to own a chesterfield style sofa, but they simply do not know where to look for them. A classic design, combined with elegance and simplicity, creates a sofa like this, that will upgrade your house to a whole new level. Turn your living room from simple, plain, and boring into stylish, artistic, and aesthetic with just one piece of furniture. Impress guests and visitors with it, and display it with pride. This sofa can very easily be converted from a cultured showpiece to a relaxing couch that you can sit down on, or lie down on, to watch some Netflix or TV in your alone time. Do not sleep on the Divano Roma Sofa!

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