How to style a sofa – 7 Comprehensive Tips

How to style a sofa - 7 Comprehensive Tips 1

Your living room is often the centre of attention in your home. As the wise Will Rogers once said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The way it is presented is a persistent mirror image of your personality. Arguably one of the most important items on display is the sofa. It is in the spotlight so it is in your interest to bring it to life. Here are a few simple but professional ways on how to style a sofa.

The perfect sofa

How could you possibly have a living room without your ideal sofa? The variety available to you is beyond belief. Even if you are going solo or have a family of your own, there is bound to be one out there for you. Make sure you have found the right style and fabric for you. Will you be happy with this sofa in a week’s time? A month’s time? A year’s time? Do not rush into decisions. You should be head-over-heels for your sofa.

Personally, you cannot go past the Classic Round Arm Sofa. Perfect for when the kids want to watch Frozen. Push for a competitive price and be open to offers; remember that this sofa is a long term investment into good times and almost a second bed.

how to style a sofa


Styling your sofa is like a work of art and it must be a masterpiece. You need to think outside the box and in this case, we are thinking of an element outside of your sofa. This is often the place where families come together and enjoy themselves by watching a movie. With this brings a sense of unity and warmth.

One way in which we can create this atmosphere is through a striking lighting fixture. This will rejuvenate your room, bringing your sofa to life. The kids will adore it! I recommend the use of warm bulbs as they bring this mood about. Why not go for a lampshade which brings this vibe along. Warm vivid colours like red, yellow and orange would do perfectly.


This component will really make your sofa stand out from the rest. I visited three homes last week and I was shocked to see the lack of texture on their sofas. Lacklustre feelings just rushed to me. You wish to show a part of your character in this design. Texture gives your sofa another dimension; almost like peeling away a layer of an onion. Straightforward ways of adding texture are through adding pillows, fur, blankets and many more. There are various approaches you could take to pillows. For example, too many pillows of the same size could be too much and cause an overload. Try varying the sizes; height contrasts give a sense of balance to your sofa.

How to style a sofa - 7 Comprehensive Tips 2

Change as the seasons do

Nature, and life, is everchanging. There are lots of these little things that we can take inspiration from. The seasons, for example, are a great styling tool.

In winter, when it’s cold and gloomy, you might want to settle with a cozy throw and an abundance of pillows.

In spring, when the trees and plants start to flower and it starts getting warmer, a light theme with bright pillows looks great.

In summer, when it’s hot out and everyone’s having fun, minimal pillows to the outside of the sofa can work well.

And in fall, when the leaves begin to fall but there is still a warm wind blowing, textiles and artwork can really make your space yours.

Add ons

Here are just a few additional items that could bring more comfort to your sofa. An angle you could explore is floral additions. Complimenting vases would reawaken your sofa from the depths and breadths. However, you are going to need a surface to lay this on. A coffee table would be perfect. It is vital that you choose a colour scheme and stick by it. Guests will really begin to glance into your organised character. As I am writing this article, I am sitting on my sofa and I feel at ease.

How to style a sofa - 7 Comprehensive Tips 3


Pillows can play a major look in the appearance of your sofa. From making an old sofa look new and refreshed to giving a new sofa an antique look, pillows are a great choice for styling.

There are many different arrangements for pillows, and they aren’t one size fits all, but here are some general tips that will work with most sofas.

  • Buy some larger pillows to act as a base, and place them on each end of the sofa.
  • Add some extra, smaller pillows to fill the empty space
  • Change it up! Add some odd shapes and sizes into the mix, showing your true personality 😀
  • Three’s not a crowd. An odd number of pillows can work seamlessly with smaller sofas.

In conclusion, with a good balance of everything mentioned, you should be able to transform your average sofa into a jewel which you will treasure for many years to come.

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