Leather vs Fabric Sofas, Which is Better?

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When shopping for a sofa, it can be overwhelming the amount of choice you have. It seems as if everything can be customizable, from minor details such as the color of the legs to the all-defining firmness of the cushions. However, the most important decision a new buyer can make when purchasing their couch is the materials they use. Should you opt for a traditional fabric, keeping your couch humble and grounded? Or should you treat yourself to the luxuries of leather, to the feeling of bliss as you sink into the cushion? We have put together a list of comparison points to help you come to a decision.


Although at its root ‘comfort’ is subjective, there are things that are universally adored by sofa-sitters. Everyone wants just the right amount of toughness to their sofa, just enough to keep their back straight and support their body. This is where fabric takes the victory. There are simply so many types of fabrics to choose from, every preference is covered. The material itself is usually softer than leather and is already broken in, perfect for quick use. Being broken in allows a superior sense of comfort, in a shorter amount of time. If the primary aim is to provide a reliable seat, then we must recommend fabric.

However, leather sofas offer a unique experience to fabric sofas. Leather can vaguely mold itself to your body, giving the proper support to your posture and also keeping you relaxed. Also, leather almost always comes in a medium-firm density, making it perfect for working on. It keeps you calm but alert, perfect for replying to those Monday morning emails. It can be the height of upper classness but also stay firmly in its lane as a decoration to your room.


One of the many benefits of leather is that it has a natural sheen to it. This helps it stay fresh and new-looking. The shine would be perfectly suited to a more professional setting, perhaps in an office or a study. The crisp highlights can be paired with a couple of tasteful decorative pillows to add a new dimension to your room. Also, leather has the benefit of always fitting in with its surroundings, making a leather sofa versatile and easy to style.

Fabric sofas just don’t keep their youth as well, no matter how high in quality. They collect dust easily, they make the cushions sag and droop. However, there is something about them that is timeless and simply elegant. It’s a simpler time they hark back to, but it’s certainly a better one.


No one wants to have to clean their couch all the time. That’s why convenience is a huge factor in deciding whether you need a leather or a fabric sofa. Now, the obvious choice is leather, right? With a smooth surface and none of those tiny little holes you’d find in fabric, it seems as if the leather is perfectly suited for busy families or messy eaters. All you need is a simple wipe with a cloth, and you’re done! However, as technology advances and textiles manufacturing gets more complex, fabrics that have similar levels of ease to clean are available to buy. This makes them nearly indistinguishable, it doesn’t matter what material you buy if this is a defining characteristic for you.

These sofas are rare exceptions and for the most part, fabric is much harder to keep clean than leather. Leather does need a little bit of extra care, however, to make sure it doesn’t split or crack. For more tips on how to clean a leather sofa, check out this article: How to clean a leather sofa.

Fabric sofas do tend to harbor mites and dust. This may not be suitable for people with certain allergies, as the fabric is an attractive breeding ground for ticks and other tiny insects. Check out this article for some tips on how to clean your fabric sofa: How to clean your fabric sofa. To be safe, we recommend leather.


When considering the impact of each process on the environment and also the cost of raw materials, it is clear to see why there is a large disparity between the average cost of the two types of sofa materials. Don’t be tricked into thinking that there is somehow a compromise on quality, that’s simply incorrect. Both materials are sublime, it’s just that the same size fabric sofa would cost you more than the same sized leather sofa.

This is due to the harvesting method of leather, and the fact that leather is a relatively rare commodity. The time-consuming nature increased the price but also ensures you get a trendier couch.


Overall, it depends on your individual needs for a sofa. If you want something progressive and low maintenance, a leather sofa would be your best bet. However, for a room that needs a lil’ something extra, a fabric sofa comes in handy. Take care to carefully evaluate your personal needs from a couch, they would be vital in a direct fabric vs leather comparison.

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