Artechworks Velvet Loveseat Review

Artechworks Velvet Loveseat

The Artechworks Velvet Loveseat is certainly going to be a bold new addition to your room, with a compact design and classy upholstery. As with all loveseats, this sofa can be used in a variety of different settings, from office spaces to living rooms, making it perfect for you, no matter the occasion. However, Artechworks have given their velvet-clad loveseat some features that are almost non-existent in other products. Let’s explore what they are.

Key Points

  • Button Tufted Patterning – Artechworks have combined a timeless concept with modern materials in a beautiful marriage of old and new to line the inside of the loveseat with button tufted velvet.
  • Comfort – This is where the Artechworks Velvet Loveseat excels. The velvet is supple and forgiving, and the cushions simply mold to your overall body shape.
  • Versatility – Escape the boring and repetitive corporate world by adding a bit of liveliness to your workspace. This sofa is brilliant in traditional office settings, but it shines in a home office. Of course, during the pandemic, millions of people started to upgrade their home offices, it’s just a shame not all of them found this loveseat. As well as looking great, it can boost productivity by keeping you calm and relaxed.



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Tufted back

As mentioned previously, the Velvet Loveseat is made with exactly that – velvet. Many think of velvet as a high-end product, reserved only for the upper class. This simply is not true. The loveseat brings high-quality materials to the average consumer, greatly elevating your sitting experience whilst keeping your bank balance healthy. Furthermore, the cushions themselves are stuffed with high-density foam. When you sit down on this sofa, it’s like getting a warm hug. True bliss, all thanks to the materials used.


  • Seat Width: 42.9″
  • Seat Depth: 22.83″
  • Seat Height: 17.72″
  • Seat Back: 12.6″
  • Overall Dimensions: 30.3″ x 55.5″ x 27.95″

Color choices

  • Blue – This color will always be in fashion. A good blue hue pairs excellently with all the other colors and gives a more controlled vibe to a room. 
  • Pink – Keep it adventurous with pink. Reviewers go mad about this color, and it’s easy to see why.

Both colors are incredibly easy to clean, and any stains are hard to spot anyway. They stay fresh and exciting, and best of all they keep their shade for years at a time. In addition, these color schemes are easy to style; for some tips, check out this article:

Personal Opinion

In my view, the Artechworks Velvet Loveseat is the only premium loveseat worth considering. I love the way you sink deep into the cushions, how the velvet caresses your skin. You can feel your muscles letting go as the tension flows away. You feel more relaxed in only seconds, and isn’t that exactly why you want a sofa in the first place? 

It’s not all looks though, it’s also easy to assemble. All you need is the Allen wrench (which is included in the box) to attach the base onto the back. Then you just slide in the rest of the pieces onto the frame, and voila! You’re done. Minimal energy, maximum comfort.

This combination of style and practicality makes the Artechworks Velvet Loveseat a must-have. Very few loveseats are geared to meet both criteria, and the ones that do are usually very expensive, making this offering by Artechworks a hidden gem.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy this sofa would be via Amazon. The customer is offered the best of service by both Artechworks and Amazon, ensuring a fuss-free purchase. Should you want to return your sofa (not that you’d want to), you can tap into Amazon’s vast array of return locations, meaning you will never be inconvenienced. 

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Artechworks Velvet Loveseat

What do others think?

The reviews contain nothing but praise, with an average of 4.8 stars given by reviewers. Common themes include general shock at the overall feel and quality (“WOW WOW WOW WOW”) and most marvel at the ease of assembly (“fairly easy to assemble”, “very quick assembly”). And the colors get shown some love too, they “compliment [their] styles and decors”. 

No one wants to spend any more than they must, so the Artechworks Velvet Loveseat is a ‘reasonable price’, bringing luxury to the masses.


This sofa is an all-rounder, no doubt about it. It looks amazing, feels divine to the touch, doesn’t break the bank, and is no trouble to build. Very few companies have truly mastered the art of the sofa, but Artechworks have blown it out of the water with the Velvet Loveseat. 

Thank you for reading this sofa review, we hope it helped you come to an educated decision. Why not check out our other reviews for more inspiration?

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