Stone & Beam Blaine Sectional Sofa Review

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Blaine Sofa

Your living room is often the busiest room of the house (maybe not for the adults though…), and as such, it’s crucial to have a sofa that you can rely on to hold the room together. This is exactly what the Amazon Brand Stone & Beam Blaine Sectional sofa does. Let’s have a look at how it does this.

Key Points

  • Chaise lounge – Sometimes, as good as a sofa is, you just need to put your feet up to fully unwind. That’s why Amazon offers an additional component to their base sofa, a chaise lounge. 
  • A superbly personal and practical shopping experience  
  • Timeless design combined with contemporary finishes – Keeping your room perfectly balanced.
  • Modular design – each cushion is double-sided and fits into all the other slots, making cleaning that little bit easier. 



You can always rely on a large corporation such as Amazon to only use the most reliable and efficient materials for the job. Therefore, the Stone & Beam Blaine sofa is built with two classics: wood and polyester. However, this isn’t any ordinary polyester, this is 100% upholstered, making sure the cushions on the sofa retain their shape and firmness over the years. Many people think wood to be a challenging material to assemble, but this simply is not the case. Amazon have crafted it in such a way that it only takes 15 minutes to put this sofa together. 

The Stone & Beam Blaine Sectional sofa was engineered with its audience in mind. Millions of households require sofas that are child-friendly, sofas that can withstand the ultimate test: children! Fear not, as this polyester requires a quick wipe with a wet cloth to clean it, making it perfect for young families and messy kids.

The ‘Sectional’ part of the sofa (i.e., the Chaise Lounge) is made with the same industry-leading materials used in the main body of the sofa. For your convenience, however, Amazon have designed this sectional sofa to accommodate the lounge on both the right and the left sides, depending on the shape of your room.


  • Overall: 79.5″W x 65.4″D x 35″H
  • Seat height: 19.3″H
  • Seat depth: 22″D
  • Seat back height: 25.6″H
  • Arm height: 24.4”
  • Leg height: 4.9″H

As you can tell, the size is perfect, even for our taller readers. They can comfortably lie down on the sofa.

Color choices

  • Navy Blue – Navy blue is a must-have color for the first-time sofa-buyer. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and you can never go wrong with it.
  • Light Gray – Neutral, professional, and elegant. The no-fuss color, made by the no-fuss company. 
  • Beige – Lighten the atmosphere a bit with a nice beige. This shade goes particularly well with yellow/green objects, so if your space has these, this is perfect for you.

Personal Opinion

The Amazon Stone & Beam Blaine sofa knocks it out of the park with its ease of use and maintenance. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a beautiful sofa to look at too, just have a look at those wooden legs sticking out of the main body of the sofa. The smooth curves and subtle dips of the cushions give it a dainty feel, but the wooden frame keeps it sturdy and safe. Each model is made to order too, so only products of the highest standard are sent from the factory to your home. Overall, the Stone & Bean Blaine sofa is a superior product to most others on the market.

But don’t just take our word for it! Currently, it has 227 reviews, with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. A whopping 80% of reviewers gave it 5 stars, which truly is a rare figure to see. The rave reviews keep coming in, with one user wishing they could give it “more than 5 stars!”. Another user describes it as “firm to the touch, but soft to nap on”, highlighting its multi-functional nature.

Where to Buy

Of course, Amazon is the obvious choice for the method of purchase. As it’s an Amazon-branded product, why not harness the benefits of their ecosystem, including an easy returns procedure and excellent customer service? By using the link below, you help support the site at no extra cost to yourself.

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Blaine Sofa

Assembly and Returns Policy

As mentioned previously, this sofa boasts a record assembly time of just 15 minutes, giving you more time to focus on the sofa itself, and not worry about complicated instruction manuals or start to panic over missing parts. It also has a 30-day free returns policy, so in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, it won’t break the bank to return the product. 


The Amazon Stone & Beam Blaine sofa does exactly what the modern consumer needs it to. It’s a place to relax on, to work on, to sleep on, and most importantly to live on. With its 100% upholstered polyester, it can easily handle any food or drink that it may encounter. It takes next to no time to put together AND you get the experience and manufacturing knowledge of one of the world’s largest companies. What more do you want?

That’s it for this article and I hope you learned more about this superb sectional sofa. Check out our other articles for more excellent sofas, like Zinus Shalini Daybed Review.

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