Mecor Loveseat Sofa Review

Mecor Loveseat Sofa Review 1

The Mecor Loveseat Sofa is a great and affordable addition to any house. With a contemporary yet classy look, it can help bring a unique look to your home.


The Mecor Loveseat Sofa is constructed of only the best materials, high-quality linen is used for the covers and can be cleaned very easily. The Mecor Loveseat Sofa comes in three colors, beige, brown, and grey. This Loveseat Sofa uses reinforced corrosion-resistant steel for the sofa legs and body, ensuring that it can be an addition to your household for a long time. This sofa can hold up to 3 people and withstand 660 LBS of weight.


Mecor Loveseat Sofa Review 2

Height: 33.5 Inches

Width: 31.5 Inches

Length: 70.5 Inches


The Mecor Loveseat Sofa has a wide array of delivery options, as it can be purchased on Amazon, you can get One Day Delivery but it also comes with Free Delivery! The free delivery only takes 5 working days so if you are moving and need furniture fast, this is your best bet.


Mecor Loveseat Sofa Review 3

This sofa is very easy to assemble, only 4 steps are necessary. All you have to do is attach the back to the bottom, simple! You should take heed to make sure that you let the sofa cushions have 1 day to expand, as the compression during delivery leaves them quite firm, 1 day is needed to let it expand.

Reasons to buy this sofa:

This sofa is perfect for small apartments and homes, it can add a sense of coziness and make your home feel like, well, home. If you are dissatisfied with this sofa you can also easily return it for free with Amazon’s great return and refund policies. Should there be any damage to this sofa, you can return it without a hitch. It is also a great snatch for the price it is at, I’ve seen sofas like these reach up to $1000 at times, and at this delivery speed and ease of use, it should really be more expensive. This sofa has great reviews and positive feedback from those who have bought it, and I’m sure that you would love it too.

Where can I buy it from?

You can find this sofa at Amazon. You can follow the links below for the exact product, just click on the product Image.





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