Serta Copenhagen Sofa Review

serta copenhagen sofa

Serta are already established giants in the furniture industry, they just keep manufacturing crowd favorites. This is no guarantee of quality though, so the Copenhagen must be thoroughly inspected before it can be bought. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work. Let’s see if the Serta Copenhagen sofa lives up to our high expectations.

Key Points

  • Perfect for rooms that are on the small side – Even with a small footprint, the Serta Copenhagen still has a large impact on your room. It can make or break the space, command attention or blend in seamlessly. Whatever you need, the Copenhagen can do.
  • Stress-free Assembly – No tools of any kind are required for this job; this sofa is designed to be fuss-free. Use the easy-to-follow instructions and have your dream sofa ready as soon as it arrives. All the parts are included in the box too, meaning nothing is stopping you from getting your sofa ready.
  • Designed by professionals – Serta has been in the home furnishings game since 1931, giving them a reputation like no other. When buying from Serta, you’re not only receiving a sofa, but you’re also receiving the lifestyle the sofa brings with it. The Serta brand can be trusted, so you already know this is a good sofa.
  • Great for your back – If you have back pain, this sofa is perfect for you. Not only is it soft, with inviting cushions and a beautiful, patterned design, but it can also help support your back and enhance your posture.



This upholstered fabric just works. It caresses your skin, always there when you need it. Not only is it long-lasting, but the softness is maintained over the years. This is not a sofa that grows old with you, rather a sofa that keeps the spark of youth in your home. Each back cushion is pillowed, therefore giving you the reliability you need. Back support is also given through these ingenious cushions. They are also specially designed to retain their shape, even in the case of everyday use. The bottom cushions are loaded with individual, hand-coiled springs and packed with high-density foam. This balances the sofa out; you can relax AND something to lean on.

The frame is constructed with the finest of hardwoods, making the Serta Copenhagen sofa a worthwhile investment.


78 x 32.5 x 35 inches

(Length x Width x Height)

Although it is on the smaller side, this sofa can comfortably fit three individuals.

Color choices

This light and airy sofa is complemented by a delicate color. That’s why the Copenhagen can be found in marzipan, there’s no other color that can quite capture the essence of the sofa. The neutral tone makes it well suited to further decoration of your own, why not throw some decorative pillows on it, or maybe pair it with a side table? The choice is yours, but to help with your decision making, why don’t you check out this article with some top tips on styling your sofa: How to style your sofa

Personal Opinion

A vital element of each sofa is the comfort it brings you. I’m glad to report that the Serta Copenhagen sofa has comfort in spades. The cushions mold themselves to your body, providing the height of relaxation. Not only that, it’s great for your posture, providing the sitter with ample amounts of back support. Keeping your stance healthy can help keep you in shape and remain as youthful as this contemporary sofa.

Furthermore, this sofa is brilliant in a smaller living room or bedroom, even more so than anywhere else. Its compact nature helps draw out the best of its surroundings, this truly is a sofa that works well in every room, no matter the theme. We recommend it being used in a bedroom, to provide an alternative seating arrangement.

For us, the fact that the Serta Copenhagen is so versatile and can be used in any way is the real showstopper. Everyone wants a multi-use sofa, and usually, they must get a large, cumbersome piece that takes ages to assemble and is always a hassle to maintain. This does not apply to the Serta Copenhagen and saves you a lot of trouble. And it takes up a small footprint (leaving the room with more overall space), whilst still seating 3 people?! What’s not to love?

Where to buy?

When dealing with such a large brand name like Serta, it is best to stick to a large distribution company. That is why Amazon is the ideal platform from which to buy your brand-new Serta Copenhagen Sofa. Utilize their easy interface and their comprehensive returns policy for a truly special shopping experience. By using the link below, the site receives a small commission, at no extra cost to yourself.

Serta Copenhagen Sofa Review 1

This sofa is also available at:

What do the reviewers say?

The Copenhagen is currently sitting at a whopping #59 in the Sofas and Couches category on Amazon – it must be good! Reviewers love the “15 minutes” assembly time, and the sleek “minimal metal parts” are sure to be loved by you too! And its durability is demonstrated too, it is said to “take a beating” with three little boys.


Remember how I said the Serta Copenhagen must live up to the standards and the hype of the Serta brand? The sofa not only meets them, but it blows them out of the park. It is perfect in every scenario, beautiful in every space, and built for every purpose, even though it’s not the largest. This sofa is the embodiment of the phrase: “Less is more”. Serta has outdone themselves with the Serta Copenhagen sofa.

Thank you for reading this article. If you need any more inspiration, why not check out our other sofa reviews? For more advice on sofas built to counter back pain, have a look at this article: 5 Best Sofas for Back Pain.

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