Rosalie Loveseat – An amazing loveseat for a studio apartment

Rosalie Loveseat - An amazing loveseat for a studio apartment 1
Rosalie Loveseat

Looking for a loveseat for a studio apartment? Look no further!

There is almost nothing worse than purchasing a sofa for a small space and realizing that it’s unsightly, uncomfortable, or too big for the space you wished to place it in. There are limited alternatives for quality furniture that fits in tight nooks, which explains the reason why we wanted to check out the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie Loveseat. We had heard rumors of its own insanely high- quality build, it’s made in America and we had been dying to test out its deep, gel-infused cushions. Could this loveseat really be the solution to our small living space seating issue? Can we be as impressed with its “sink-in” comfort as others were? And, most importantly, could this two-person couch stand up to a home full of large dogs? Grab a seat and find out.


The Rosalie Loveseat arrived on our doorstep in a huge box, so we were somewhat nervous that the sofa was going to need some serious muscle to assemble. To be fair, we had the option of having it assembled for us during shipping, but we opted not to. Fortunately, we discovered very quickly that despite the size of the box, the sofa} was a breeze to put together as it only took screwing on the legs, propping it up and throwing on pillows.

The loveseat comes with two different sized legs, and the only issue we ran into was placing them correctly. Our immediate thought process was that the bigger legs would go on the back of the sofa, but it turned out that they were actually meant for the front. After we noticed our error and swapped the legs, we were good to go. All we needed to do was slide the sofa into the spot we’d picked for it.


The Rosalie Loveseat really impressed us with its design and the fact that it is made in the USA, a fact that it proudly proclaims on all its tags. It resembles an upgraded, sleek, albeit a much smaller version of the deep-cushioned sofas we grew up with; the ones covered in Naugahyde that were wide enough for us and our friends to lounge on and even snooze on during sleepovers. Of course, there are a few major differences between the Rosalie Loveseat and our old-school 1980s sofas.

For starters, the Rosalie Loveseat is covered in quartz upholstery; a term used by the manufacturer which is, in layman’s terms, a neutral grey microfiber fabric. What’s especially great about this fabric is that while it’s technically grey, it’s an earthy grey that matches nicely with other furnishings that are neutral. We placed the Rosalie Loveseat next to a deep tan lounger and, like magic, our loveseat went from looking grey to an earthy taupe. The sofa} had no difficulty blending right in with all the color palette of the space; even after we added the teal and grey patchwork throw pillows it came with.

It’s not just the versatility or nostalgia-inducing design of this Rosalie Loveseat that impressed us, however we were also excited to discover that this sofa was as deep as it is high. When we say deep, we actually mean it; unlike a great deal of sofas in the “small room” category, the Rosalie Loveseat’s underside cushions have space for lounging since their depth varies from 9 to 13 inches. We tested the depth out with various members of our family and, what do you know, it worked just as well for the taller folks among us as the vertically challenged.

We also tested out the loveseat’s durability with our pets because, as anyone with dogs will tell you, fabric furniture can be quite iffy. Our household has a cat and 3 big dogs, one of which will be a 95-pound Great Dane/Boxer mix and all of them are permitted on the furniture. At one point, after our biggest dog had curled up on the sofa, we were amazed to discover that we had no difficulty removing the trail of dog hair left in his wake. His hair is wiry and sticks to any other fabric surface in our home; including a natural fiber carpet that theoretically shouldn’t hold dog hair so it was pretty shocking and also an enormous relief to discover that this loveseat revealed no signs of his nap.

What’s more, the loveseat didn’t demonstrate any signs of distress even after we’d caught our kitty trying to sharpen her claws on it. We were dreading even having to look after we hear the tell-tale scratching sounds, but somehow the fabric endured without one pull or tear. Needless to say, we bought a cat scratching post right then and there to deter her from doing this again!


Make no mistake, the sofa is little; we are talking
21” H x 21” W x 40.5” D. Yes, it is intended for tight spaces, but it is really only capable of accommodating one individual. In other words, unless you’re cuddled up with each other. If you are simply sitting on the sofa, side by side, you can not avoid touching arms or thighs, so if you’re searching for a sofa that acquaintances can share while watching TV or catching up on life, this really isn’t it.

Where can I buy it?

This lovely little couch can be found at various shops, but we recommend Wayfair. You can follow this button to purchase it:

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Description: One of the greatest studio apartment loveseats out there..

Rating: 5 out of 5


  1. Someone is wrong here, either it’s me but it’s most likely the person who wrote this little article about the Rosalie loveseat. It’s supposed to be cozy and fit into a studio apartment and yet one of the dimensions, which has to be the length is 93 in. WTF the great looking loveseat at least the one depicted, but who can be sure with such a grossly off measurement? And I sure as hell didn’t see any order information or store information!?

    1. Hey Michael!

      Thank you for pointing out the error we had made, as it turns out, we had taken the dimensions of another sofa we were reviewing, we have now changed it.

      We have now also added a purchase link to WayFair so you can buy the couch there.

      Thanks again and hopefully I’ll see you around 🙂

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