The 5 Best Sofas for Parents

Homefun Child Sized Couch

It truly is a rare luxury for parents around the globe to have some peace and quiet in their homes, especially when living with boisterous kids. They sigh in relief and smile to themselves as their children are off to kindergarten. And you may be wondering how they relax after managing all that stress. By reclining on their favorite couch, of course!

Many people don’t realize the importance of a quality couch. It is essential for any household and is the center of all family gatherings. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that people don’t know where to look. However, fear not, as we have taken the liberty of introducing five unique sofas in this article, all perfect for parents and kids alike. So read on and find your perfect child sized couch.

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Esright Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 1

The Esright Sectional Sofa with Ottoman is a contemporary couch with lots of space for families.

Children's Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 2

This child sized couch is perfect for your children and is stain-repellent.

Walsunny 4-seat Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 3

The Walsunny 4-seat Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise is a relatively cheap and durable sofa.

Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 4

The Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa is a high-quality couch with cutting-edge fabrics

HOMEFUN Sectional Couch Sofa

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 5

The HOMEFUN Sectional Sofa is a classy statement piece with a unique color scheme.

5. Esright Right Facing Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 6

With a simple design, this beautifully crafted sofa fits perfectly in your living room or apartment space and will add much-needed character. Place it in any corner of your room, and let it do its magic while you sit back and relax. Not only does it act as a couch, but the Esright Sectional sofa also includes armrest storage, so you won’t be losing that TV remote any time soon. It also includes an ottoman, which can be arranged to suit any occasion.

Key Points

  • Multi-functional – This corner sectional sofa can be made into a U-shaped or an L-shaped sofa, depending on the shape requirements of your space. This can be achieved with the help of the movable ottoman included with the sofa.
  • Large space – The 70-inch long seat allows for one person to lie down comfortably, whether it be an adult or kid. Alternatively, many people can sit upright on the sofa at once, making it perfect for family gatherings and movie nights.
  • Storage – The armrest acts as a storage space to keep miscellaneous items in, or to make your room look tidier. A very useful feature that makes it perfect for family households.
  • Modern – The soft, gray fabric and galvanized steel feet give the sofa an effortlessly clean look, even with a simple design. The colors are solid, yet homely, making the Esright Sectional Sofa appealing to both adults and children.


The sofa is made from soft linen fabric, which is light, breathable, and refreshing. It makes for an unforgettable sitting experience with the family and offers good tactility. Linen is woven from natural plant fibers, making it hypoallergenic. This is necessary for kids, as it makes it resistant to microbes that can potentially prey on any allergies. In addition to this, linen is a flexible, yet strong fabric, so it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

The steel feet are galvanized, meaning that they will produce a solid base, and they also add a crisp style to the couch. These feet allow the sofa to support a maximum of 800lbs.


Overall sofa dimensions are 85.8″ x 47.6″ x 35″ (L x W x H)
Ottoman dimensions are 30.7″ x 19.8″ x 18.8″ (L x W x H)
Armrest storage dimensions are 26.8″ x 6.7″ x 9.8″ (L x W x H)
Cushion thickness is 4″

Color choices

The only color that this couch comes in is gray. However, this is an advantage, as any other colors may simply be too overpowering or too washed out. Gray is a perfectly neutral tone that adapts to any changes in room style, which there may be a lot of in the future. Also, it is very easy to style your sofa, and for some tips on how to do so, check out this article: How to style your sofa.

Personal Opinion on the Esright Sectional Sofa

This sofa is perfect for parents and children. Relish in the relaxation you will feel when sitting on the Esright Sectional Sofa. Soak up the peace of a quiet home and close your eyes as you rest on soft, smooth fabric. It is the epitome of a family couch with style, comfort, durability, practicality, and space all rolled into one. The parents can recline on their new couch, while the kids can enthusiastically jump up and down on it. The whole family is brought together with just one piece of furniture. The classy design and easy fitting will make it an essential part of your house in no time. Not to mention the perfect napping opportunity!

A real all-rounder, you simply cannot go wrong with the Esright Sectional Sofa, with its many outstanding features fit for everyone. Reviews have stated that it is great for small spaces, which is a bonus, as not many have the benefit of having large rooms. It is also easy to assemble, especially with the concise, easy-to-read instructions included. I believe that the straightforward design unifies the whole room, and brings all elements of it together in a flawless manner. The ottoman can be arranged however you wish, so use it for extra space or something to prop your feet on.

Not only does it emanate class from its original self, but it is very readily styled, adding personality and individuality.

Where to buy the Esright Sectional Sofa?

You can buy either the right or left corner version of the sofa from Amazon, using the link provided. It makes it a one-stop-shop for any type of sofa due to the reliability and wide variety of choices available with a few clicks.

Ending words

In short, this sofa has many great qualities, tailored for families everywhere, such as:

  • Soft, hypoallergenic linen fabric
  • Long-lasting material
  • Double galvanized steel feet
  • Maximum weight capacity of 800lbs
  • Practical storage capabilities of armrests
  • Movable ottoman to make sofa U-shaped or L-shaped as required

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should buy this sofa, not to mention the value for money. Make it a part of your family, and don’t ignore this beauty, as that would be a huge mistake!

4. Children’s Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 7
The Whatsit Kids Couch

We now move onto a very strange-looking couch, and you may be questioning its use. Well, the Whatsit Kids Couch is a child sized couch, and can even be used with teens. It is also the cheapest sofa out of our top 5 list, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the quality department. Because of the appeal of this child-sized couch, parents do not have to worry about their couches being dirtied or stained, and this sofa itself is very stain-resistant and easy to clean. There are endless possibilities with the Whatsit Kids Couch, so read on to see just why it’s so special.

Overview of The Whatsit Kids Couch

Multi-functional – This sofa can primarily be adapted to produce 5 different structures, however, it can be adapted to fit any needs:
1) The first form is the sofa, perfect for friends and family to unwind on and watch some TV.
2) Next, there is a set of chairs, which can be sat on individually, or with a group of other people, perfect for teenagers with close friend groups.
3) Thirdly, there is the lounger, which is ideal for cozying up while reading a good book or to shut your eyes after a tiring day.
4) A fort can be created for young babies and toddlers, sparking creativity and imagination using their furniture.
5) Lastly, a play structure can be created for those energetic little adventurers and troublemakers to jump around and crawl in.
Stain-repellent – The high-performance, velvety material is machine washable and perfect for messier kids. So there is no worry of food or water stains on this sofa.
6 piece design – The sofa includes 2 backrests, 2 bottom pieces, and 2 top pieces that can be reconfigured to produce various designs.


The sofa is made from 100% polyester fabric, which means that it is durable, aesthetic, and affordable. This is very useful for the prevention of wear and tear, and especially helpful with younger kids who jump around a lot. The 2 bottom pieces feature dense foam to ensure strong support of the sofa, and to provide structure. The 2 top pieces are less dense and softer, to achieve those warm snuggles and lie-downs. The foam cushions are easy to clean, yet hard to stain, so washing them is a breeze.


Overall sofa dimensions are 50″ x 28″ x 19″(L x W x H)
Each back rest is 20″ x 9.75″ (L x W) at the bottom, and 3.5″ x 11″ (W x H) at the top
Bottom pieces each measure 25″ x 28″ x 5″ (L x W x H)
Top pieces each measure 25″ x 28″ x 3″ (L x W x H)


  • Gray – A very common color among many sofas, but a safe choice for most. It allows the sofa to blend in with the room design.
  • Gray/gold – A vivid combo, the flashy gold counters the cool gray, creating a pleasing view for the eyes.
  • Gray/jade – A more subdued tone, the hint of green adds a calming presence, which can be beneficial for those boisterous kids.
  • Gray/Navy – Navy creates a soothing tone, as both the dark blue and gray are neutral colors, so they amalgamate to create a softer appearance.

Of course, the decision to buy a color variation also depends on your child’s preference, so make sure to know what their favorite color is.

Personal Opinion on The Whatsit Kids Couch

This truly is the embodiment of multi-functionality. With so many different possible combinations of designs, it will surely become a hit with the kids. Not only is it great for toddlers and infants, but perfectly suitable for teenagers as well. They can use it to hang out with friends, or just have their personal space in which they can enjoy themselves, which, as we all know, is very important. The design may appear simple, but it takes away nothing from the overall quality of the product. Make a fortress to fight off dragons, a chair to talk in, or make a comfy bed to watch a movie on. The choice is completely up to you.

Since this sofa is the cheapest on our list, there is absolutely no reason not to buy it, as it will fit right in your room, no matter how you may want to use it. The foam and fabric work together to form a stable sofa that feels as light as air. Parents can sit down after a long day, knowing their children are safely having their fun, all under supervision at home. The lightweight material allows for risk-free playtime and stress-free recreation for both kids and parents.

Customer reviews have stated that this sofa was most definitely value for money, and all their kids loved it! After all, what more could you want? Furthermore, the stain resistance has proven itself true to its word, as the marks and stains roll right off, or easily wipe away with a paper towel. Combined with the easy attachment of the other sofa components, and machine washable capability, it is a win/win situation for all parents.

Where to buy the The Whatsit Kids Couch?

This fun sofa can be bought from Amazon, where customer service and quality products can be found in spades. Please use the link below to purchase this child sized couch.


  • Multi-functional use allows for many different design combinations
  • Quality fabric and foam, enabling strong structural support, but with a soft overall feel
  • Stain-repellent and machine washable
  • Perfect for small indoor spaces and play areas

To conclude, the Whatsit Kids couch is a uniquely designed sofa that emphasizes fun and enjoyment. Its distinguishing features enable it to be a part of your home with ease. So make sure to check it out, because your kids will thank you for it!

3. Walsunny 4-seat Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 8
3. Walsunny 4-seat Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

This sofa by Walsunny is an inexpensive offering perfect for parents and incredibly child-friendly. When taken at face value though, it seems as if the cheap price tag means low-quality materials and a sub-par experience. As a parent, you want a couch that grows WITH your kids, not one that breaks down all the time. Let’s see if the Walsunny Convertible Sectional sofa can meet these criteria.

Key Points

  • Customizable – The ottoman (included in the sofa) can be placed on either side or even removed entirely. The fact that it can be removed is perfect for young families – it gives the children their sofa to use!
  • Durable – Parenthood is a tiring task as it is, you don’t want to worry about any breakages or anything like that. That’s why a long-lasting sofa is essential.
  • Safe – Each sofa is attached to the frame with Velcro, providing a safe and secure environment for your child to play in.


Walsunny has opted for a less traditional material from which to build their cushions. Chenille is a high-tech type of fabric, made with the latest technologies to give you a cushion perfect for kids. It is waterproof, meaning any toilet-related accidents from children are protected against!

Safety is of utmost importance to parents, that’s why the team at Walsunny has designed this particular couch to have the cushions connected to the frame via Velcro. What this does is allow easy removal of cushions (should an adult need to clean it), but also means that small children do not accidentally remove the cushions. This reduces the risk of injury, making the Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa extremely child-friendly.

Firm and durable. Soft and supple. The Walsunny Convertible Sofa does it all, beautifully pairing a sturdy, rigid frame with softer foam and padding to provide an ergonomically sound experience, great for posture. You’ll never have to tell the kids to “Stop crouching!” ever again.


The couch measures:

  • 103.14 x 27.16 x 36.6 inches

As you can see there is ample room for 4 people, making it one of the best choices for growing families. The ottoman can be added to make the 5th seat, or perhaps act as a space to put your feet up for the night. Whatever it is, this sofa has the size and versatility to handle it.


As we know, the most child-friendly colors are the darkest ones. However, this statement is only true if the material is low-quality and stains are harder to wipe off. This is no issue when it comes to the Walsunny Convertible Sofa; the chenille means that you never need to worry about stains ever again. Choose from 3 classics to decorate your space with:

  • Beige
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray

Our thoughts on the Walsunny Sectional Sofa

As parents, it’s only natural you want the very best for your child. No harm can befall them. Walsunny understands this and it’s clear to see how they’ve distinguished their product to cater specifically to parents and their children. The cushions are made with chenille, meaning there are minimal allergens present, providing a safer sitting space for the family. When this is paired with the serpentine springs that provide a firm surface on which children can learn good posture, this sofa is ideal for toddlers.

But parents of older children don’t fear! The design of the sofa is never going to get old or tacky, it’s a safe bet for everyone. This means that college students and babies alike will love this couch, allowing the Wallsunny Convertible to grow with the family, and in the process becoming a part of the family.

The ottoman/chaise opens up a whole new avenue of room styling. You can extend upon the original sofa by creating an area where you can put your feet up, or you can remove it completely if you wish. Perhaps utilize the ottoman in another room entirely. Furthermore, with the ample storage space built into the structure itself, you can put in the child’s toys, making it the perfect sofa for kids.

Where to buy the Walsunny Sectional Couch?

As we all know, convenience is key for new parents. No one is bothered to spend any additional time on the actual buying of the product. That is why Amazon is the ideal platform from which to buy your brand-new Walsunny Convertible Sofa. Utilize their easy interface and their comprehensive returns policy for a truly special shopping experience. By using the link below, the site receives a small commission, at no extra cost to yourself.

Ending words

  • The Walsunny Convertible Sectional couch is incredibly safe, making it perfect for young families and beginner buyers.
  • As well as being one of the safest child sized couches available, it also comes with an ottoman that can be removed from the main body of the sofa, making it a great multi-use sofa too.
  • With cutting-edge fabrics, this sofa is ideal for people who don’t want to spend ages maintaining their sofa. When an accident does happen, a simple wipe is all that is needed. How easy is that!

The Walsunny brand are known to be very versatile, and also offer couches that support those parents with back pain. Check out this article for another high-quality Walsunny sofa: The 5 Best Sofas for Back Pain.

2. Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 9
Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

The brand Shintenchi screams high-tech. One gets the impression that it is overly complicated, with many parts, and generally unsuitable for children. Long assembly times and painfully complex instructions are a non-issue with this couch; it’s designed to be as simple as possible. Let’s explore why this couch can be the perfect addition for both your living room and your family.

Key Points

  • Expertly engineered – It takes real technical know-how to manage to build a sofa that can be assembled in 10 minutes
  • Light and Manoeuvrable – Clocking in at around 50lbs, this sofa can be easily moved around the living room. This makes it perfect for that tri-annual living re-shuffle. Don’t take this couch for a pushover though.
  • Ultra Customizable – Boasting a chaise lounge that can be added on both sides of the sofa, the Shintenchi Convertible sofa is built with the customer’s convenience in mind.
  • Inexpensive – At just under $400, you certainly get a lot of couch for your money. When you factor in the removable ottoman and the quality of engineering, this is the ultimate bargain.


Linen is considered to be the strongest natural fiber, and it’s even been found to get stronger with washes! This means that linen cushions will last for many years to come, making it a perfect addition to any conscious living room. Linen is also made with environmentally conscious procedures, meaning it has less of an impact on the environment. This sustainability is vital in this day and age, thus differentiating the Shintenchi Convertible Sectional sofa from the rest of the child sized couches in the article. Furthermore, linen is light and breathable, and also a natural insect repellent. It’s evident that linen is a highly functional type of fabric, it gets the job done well.

But don’t be fooled into thinking ‘function’ is the only defining characteristic of the couch. The plain design is simple, adding a more futuristic vibe to the space. This design isn’t bland, rather it’s minimalistic. It puts you at ease, helping you relax after a long day’s work (or watching the kids!)

The frame is constructed from the highest quality wood, allowing it to support a whopping 650lbs of weight. If you have energetic young children who love to bounce on your furniture, fear not as it can withhold large weights with ease. Even after taking such a beating, no squeaks or unusual sounds are emanating from the structure, a mark of durability and reliability. Plus, this weight limit is suitable for holding up to four adults, perfect for social events and family bonding sessions alike.


78 x 50 x 35 inches

It’s important to remember that there is also a movable ottoman that helps either add volume or take it away. There’s a lot of sofa that comes in the box, but by using lightweight (but sturdy) raw materials, the total weight of the couch is minimized, meaning you can handle it with ease.


Following on with the theme of simplicity and maximum convenience, Shintenchi has opted to provide the customer with a choice of three hues. All three are classics, and none of them will disappoint. There are subtle changes in the effect each color will have, these are outlined below:

  • Dark Gray – the safe choice, in keeping with Shintenchi’s original vision for the sofa. This color is always right, no matter what the room’s theme.
  • Light Gray – Slightly more relaxed than its older brother, this shade of gray adds a cheekier vibe to the room.
  • Beige – Light and airy, perfect for small children.

Our Take on the Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa

This couch is a lot of things, but monotonous is not one of them. Each element fits together perfectly (quite literally in the case of the chaise lounge), to create enjoyment unmatched by any other child sized couch. Additionally, the linen looks luxurious and inviting. This is a sofa that can blend in with your room very easily, adapting to its needs. However, it also can stand out, to make people gravitate around it. This versatility is brilliant for the ever-changing needs of a family.

The 10 minute assembly time is one of the fastest assembly times of any sofa out there. As you can expect, there will be no small parts that a young child can choke on. The instructions are so simple, a child could put this couch together!

But don’t just take our word for it. Almost 30% of users have rated this sofa 5/5 stars, with particular focus on its “perfect size” and how it was a “perfect” fit in their apartment. The insanely low assembly time also features, users loved its ease of use.

Where to buy the Shintenchi Sectional Sofa?

Amazon is the place to buy, there is no alternative if you want a fuss-free experience. It has an excellent infrastructure in place to handle returns and you can also get the order delivered within an exact time slot. By using the link below, we receive a small commission to support the site, at no extra cost to you.


  • Highly customizable, each person can position the ottoman exactly how they like it, optimizing the user experience.
  • With chic curves and elegant colors, the Shintenchi Convertible Sofa is an instant classic, bound to go down well with adults and children alike.
  • An incredibly intuitive assembly procedure awaits, with all the parts being spread over two deliveries and boxes for your convenience.

1. HOMEFUN Sectional Couch Sofa

The 5 Best Sofas for Parents 10
HOMEFUN Sectional Couch Sofa

We now bring you this quirky sofa, with elegance oozing from every fiber and child-friendly fabric that will last a lifetime. The definition of a family sofa, this couch will bring lots of laughter and joy in the coming years for all household members, as well as lots of legroom. Most importantly, it is reliable and provides structure to a bland room, with convertible aspects that come in handy. So let’s dive right into the main features of this beautiful piece of furniture.

Key Points

  • Convertible – This sofa contains an independent ottoman, which can be moved around to fit your space. This allows the chaise to easily be fitted at either the right or left side of the couch, so the choice is left to you.
  • Sturdy – The chromed metal legs are strong, as well as stylish, and provide stability for the body. The couch is built with a solid frame for firm support, so several people can comfortably fit on it.
  • Safe – The armrests are snug to provide maximum leisure. The sofa is automatically child-proofed because of the curved armrests, which enable safe usage for kids.
  • Fashionable – The contemporary design does not allow monotony to take over your room, and uplifts your living space, which creates a happier mood overall.


The sofa is upholstered with premium linen fabric, which provides benefits, such as a luxurious appearance. Linen is also naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mildew. Although it may seem majestically rich and soft, it is also deceptively durable, so an ideal combination for the family. It is skin-friendly and very easy to clean. As you can see, the list of advantages is endless!

The foam is highly dense, which contributes to the sturdiness factor without taking away from the comfort. The soft, padded seats help to relieve back tightness, so a thoroughly beneficial sofa for those workaholics out there. The cushions are made from an elastic sponge, adding flexibility and an enjoyable experience.


Overall dimensions are 77.2″ x 28″ x 35.2″ (L x W x H)
Seat height is 18.8″

Color Choices

  • Beige – A classically cool color, it will revitalize your room. Although it is light, it is conservative enough to conform to your room type without being excessively showy.
  • Mint green – A refreshing color, this will give a well-needed kick to your room, producing an invigorating atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Red – This is a darker color, so will best suit a more intimate environment. It will produce a more passionate display than the other color variants, so can be perfect for those lovebird moments when the kids are away.

Personal Opinion

The cushions are soft and inviting, working in tandem with the sturdy frame to provide some back support. You can feel yourself relax as you sink into the Homefun Convertible Sofa, it is an addicting feeling. Once you sit down, you can never stop.

This sofa is all about the small things in life. It symbolizes playful bonding moments, joking around with your children, cuddling up with your partner, and much more. The attention to detail is the most important thing about the sofa, you will rarely find metal legs in a commercial couch such as this. Equally rare is the customizable feature. The three color choices can either dominate a room or stay in the background, depending on the mood and room type. Long-lasting memories will be created with this sofa, from first steps to first kisses. Allow this couch into your life, let it grow alongside your new family.

Where to buy the HOMEFUN Sectional Couch?

Amazon provides the infrastructure and security the modern customer demands with their ecosystem. They also have world-class customer support and one of the best methods of returning items there is, unparalleled by rival marketplaces. By using the link below, we receive a small commission to support the site, at no extra cost to you.


This sofa is about bringing luxury to the masses. It is incredible how Homefun has managed to provide such high-quality materials and such a high level of customer service while keeping costs down.
The metal legs are unique to this sofa but are still safe for kids to handle. The shine of the metal pairs beautifully with the sheen of the linen.
With a less traditional color palette, the Homefun Convertible couch can capture the essence of every family. It switches up the vibe perfectly, whilst still keeping true to the original theme.


So there you have it, five of the best couches for parents and young families. We know safety is particularly important, and that is why we have made sure to collate the child sized couches we believe are most in line with this.

Whether you opt for the safety of the Walsunny Convertible Sofa, or the promise of bonding moments the Homefun Sectional Sofa provides, we know you will not be let down by your choice. Each sofa captures the essence of its family in a way unique to the family itself, enabling a truly personal experience.

We hope this article has helped shape your decision. A running theme of this article has been Sectional Sofas and if the ones listed in this article did not suit you, why don’t you check out these articles: Honbay Sectional Sofa and Stone & Beam Blaine Sectional Sofa.

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